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Screen Support for your Control Room

We have a full range of in-house designed screen supports specifically for control room environments.

Axiom monitor arm

Axiom is chosen for it’s reliability and uncompromising multi screen support up to 25kg.

Clean cable management

Two specially designed pockets in the center of the arm allow cables to be securely threaded right to the monitor.

Mounting options

Tool less mounting to make your set up a smooth experience.

Arc Monitor Arm

Arc is our dynamic monitor arm, designed to move like you, shadowing your posture and motion throughout the working day.

Dynamic Monitor Arm

Arc is the innovative monitor arm, allowing the user to effortlessly position their screen at the ideal height, angle and distance for the best possible viewing experience and posture.

Adaptable solution

No matter how unique your monitor set up is, Arc will allow you to do it. Horizontal, vertical or a combination of the two.

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Video wall

We work with you to create bespoke video wall solutions, using our modular frame system. We bring your visions to life.

Versatile display solution

We can support any range of technology from LCD, laser and rear projection to provide a complete solution.

Built to last

We use strong recycled aluminium profiles to build a durable and stable foundation. All materials can be chosen to match your environment so it truly becomes unique to you.

Dual plane workstation

For the ultimate ergonomic set up, dual plane let’s you adjust your main desk area independently from your monitors.

Dual plane

Perfectly position your monitors separate from your worktop with our anti-collision system and enjoy a clean look with our hidden cable management.

At the touch of a button

Intuitive controls are used to rise and lower the worktop. Set reminders and activate Bluetooth control with your smart device.

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