• Transport Management

Designed For The Operator

Purposely designed for transport management, our control room consoles support specialized systems, ensuring that operators can do what they do best with comfort and stability.

Unparalleled Ergonomics

Offering incomparable control and monitoring capacity, these workstations pass an unhindered view of the bigger picture, allowing for effective space utilization during daily operations.

Cavernous Storage

With up to 9U racking, relieve the pressures of maintaining smooth operations with designs equipped to host the latest technology. Easy access trays and trolley storage space – our consoles are designed by our in-house team of experts, passing strength, safety, and ergonomic assessments.

Stay Connected

Offering rear accessibility, upgrade your equipment easily with minimal disturbance to your users. Draw the best out of your control room.

Immersive Experience

See the bigger picture. Offering VR walkthroughs and dynamic visualizations, we deliver future-proofed control center design, adaptable to your needs.

Designed For Your Space

Novel solutions are at the heart of every project. In addition to matching your specifications, we’ll strive to excel your expectations.

Endless Possibilities - Different Configurations

All consoles are engineered with modularity at the core, tailored to your operator’s needs.

VDI Console

Designed to house the latest in remote technology. The VDI Console presents lightweight aesthetics and built-in accent lights setting the mood in your control room.

Rackmount Console

Built to be compact. The rackmount console can house up to 18U of equipment, whilst keeping a minimum footprint in your control room.

Rear Access Console

Created for 24/7 use. The rear access console allows maintenance to be performed without interruption, keeping your operators focused on the tasks ahead.


Engineered for the operator. ROC L Console combines the light aesthetics of the VDI console with the capabilities of rackmount.


Maximize your operator’s equipment. The ROC XL console is designed to house all your equipment needs.

ROC XL Curved

Constructed for emersion. The ROC XL Curved Console has an angled frame, wrapping around the operator, minimizing the screen viewing distance.

Ongoing Journey

Whether you are overseeing traffic management, 24/7 transport or railway operations – contact us to explore our full range of products.

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