• Emergency Service Consoles

Public safety control rooms

There is no compromise when it comes to public safety, and we design control room consoles that operators can rely on.

Horizon consoles - emergency services - 911

Mission Critical

The ability to adapt and respond is vital in mission critical environments and command and control centers, this is why we design our consoles with a modular approach and tool-free features.

Human Factors

Horizon Consoles are designed to make the operators tasks easier. It is a high-pressure environment and vital that every role is supported by the workspace furniture. Our product is certified to ISO 11064 specially for the ergonomic design of control centers.

Dispatch Consoles

911 operations centers need a console they can rely on, covering every safety measure and protocol. Horizon Consoles arrive tested to all the relevant ergonomic, strength and safety standards. Making them perform whatever is thrown at them.

Awarded Ergonomic Excellence 2022.

Emergency Management

We are proud to work with many emergency services around the world, and we are passionate about delivering the right product to serve those operators in challenging environments.

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