• Airport and Space Agency Consoles

Airports and space agency control rooms

Whether you are launching a rocket into space or helping a plane take to the skies you can trust us to design a control room that is above and beyond your expectations.

Consoles with flexibility

All of our solutions are designed with a future proof approach. Technology upgrades can seamlessly be added without the need to change your furniture causing minimal disruption to your future working days.

Tried, tested and approved

All of our furniture products are tested in-house and independently to the highest levels possible. Our consoles not only go through the relevant ergonomic, strength and safety testing but also earthquake and intense heat. This provides assurance that our consoles can withstand all the pressures of an operators day such as shift changes, 24-7 use and heavy equipment.

Control room operators

The operators are the most important part of any control room environment. All of our consoles are designed with them in mind to make their job easier and more comfortable. We also incorporate factors such as temperature control, air quality, ergonomics and lighting

Experts every step of the way

We know that air traffic control and mission control are high pressure and demanding jobs, so let us do the hard work when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing your control room.

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