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Command and Control Consoles

There is no compromise when it comes to public safety and emergency service. We design ergonomic consoles that operators can rely on across all types of PSAP and 911 services across the world.

Wayne County 911 control room dispatch with modern Horizon Consoles modern fittings

Mission Control

The ability to adapt and respond is vital in mission critical environments and Command and Control centers. We design with flexibility in mind, adopting a modular approach to create bespoke consoles that deliver.

Tailored for successful outcomes

Tested to handle high-pressure environments, our consoles are designed to make the operators’ tasks easier, tackling emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Each of our consoles offers sit-stand capability and we can modify our designs to suit your specification and personalisation.

We make sure that every team member, from 911 call dispatcher to CCTV operator, is supported with the right workspace furniture, proven to last up to ten years of constant use.

Comfortable and engaged

Our control room designs are perfect for all emergency services including Medical Dispatch, Fire Dispatch, Police Dispatch as well as Network Security Operation Centers.

Following ISO 11064 standards, we ensure that you and your team are comfortable, able to effortless access technology and offer tool-free features.

We create the perfect environment so users can be alert when urgent calls come.

Environment for mission success

Being ready for anything requires the best materials and the best accessories. Our workstations can be equipped with additional features such as personal heating/cooling, acoustic panels, and rack-mounted storage facilities amongst others.

Dispatch Consoles

Covering every safety measure and protocol, we can offer stability and resilience tested to all the relevant international ergonomic, strength and safety standards. Whether you are facing a critical incident or coordinating your team, our consoles perform no matter what day you are encountering.

Choose your Console

VDI Console

light weight console

Enclosed Console

This is not a desk

Rear Access Console

This is not a desk


Large rail console


Extra-large rail console

Angled ELRC

Angled extra-large rail console

The right call

We are proud to work with countless emergency services worldwide, and passionate about creating the perfect workstation to help operators tackle challenging environments.

Multiple Desk Options visualisation for Control Rooms
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