• Sister brand Arc range wins Red Dot product award for 2019

    Arc is bursting with innovations, and allows you to position one or two monitors perfectly for your workplace. For twin monitor arrangements we have introduced Arc Duo,  which allows you to quickly adapt to your task. No tools required to add or remove screens and adjustments can be made by hand, with minimum effort.

    In the changing office environment Arc shadows your posture throughout the working day, with fingertip control through the precise joints.

    True future-proofing means that when technology changes your equipment won’t need to, so Arc Duo supports anything up to two large monitors, down to a small tablet. As monitors get larger it’s important to be able to remove them safely, so Arc’s patent-pending VESA mount leaves both hands free to remove the monitor or rail. Simply press the button and lift.

    Cables flow from the screen to the desk, neatly contained along its full length, creating a clean and elegant look. At the end of product life Arc can be easily dismantled and 99% of the material recycled, due to the high aluminium content.

    Available in a palette of three colours, the elegant form is beautifully finished with soft textured panels contrasting the high gloss body.

    Marrying ergonomics and style with the evolving demands of technology, the Arc range is the ideal partner for a modern office.

    Red Dot is a prestigious, international design award that stands for best in design and appraises the best products created each year. The panel of experts only choose products that win them over with outstanding design quality. All the winners are setting trends in the design industry and they give a sneak preview of what is to come in the future.  Winners are presented in yearbooks, museums and online, not to mention the awards ceremony.

    I’m extremely proud and blown away by the feedback we have had for the product range. From the early concepts to more recent developments our whole team has worked so hard and winning this award is a very special recognitionAndrew Edwards, Head of Design

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