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Our story

We began in Sussex, England as a small independent business who had a dream of being different. Fast forward to today and we are now a global business operating all around the world.

Then to now

In 2019 the name Horizon Consoles was born and became its own independent branch of the SBFI Group, with it’s own brand identity and dedicated staff across the globe.

Always pioneering

We continue to create new standards, leading the market through future-proof innovations, striving for greater sustainability in our manufacturing, and improving customer service worldwide. We combine design, ergonomics, quality and environmental awareness in everything we do.

Our mission

To design outstanding furniture with seamlessly connect you and your technology

The future

Our business was designed around the belief that every customer and every project is unique.  We are progressive thinkers with a fresh outlook that allows us to design the future of control rooms.


We offer minimal risk to the environment in compliance with all the environmental legislation. We also consider our products life cycle, from using recycled content in the creation to products that can be recycled at the end.

Design led

Design is at the core of our business model.We have a dedicated global design team who work together and care about the final finish.

Care and attention

Every desk is hand finished and wrapped by our specialist team ready for transportation.  Our attention to detail is what sets up apart and what makes our furniture and products so successful.

Award winning design team

Our team of award winning designers works with you closely on your projects to deliver the best results.

Research and development

We heavily reinvest into research and development. It is at the core of our solutions and means that our products are always at the cutting edge. Our products are carefully engineered and go through rigorous testing such as thermal, earthquake, ergonomics, strength and emissions to ensure that they outperform.

Global showrooms

We have staff where you have projects. Our showrooms are across the globe with dedicated staff in each location

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